Cleaning Products

AJAX. What a name. Who the hell picked that? I suppose it doesn’t matter what it’s called, just what it means… Web 2.0. Ever used GMail ? Checked out Yahoo lately? I think it’s time I knuckled down and learned XHTML, even though I have enough trouble keeping my code in line.

I’m installing evil-incarnate at the moment to check out some AJAX plug-ins / themes. If I come accross anything interesting I’ll link it later.

In bed with Mac

Yeah I’m sitting in my bed, with the Mac. Wireless is one of the best inventions since buttered bread. I’m still not over the flu, I think my meds are starting to wear off. I should probably spend a few days rugged up and try to get some rest, but it’s so boring.

So tomorrow is Sunday, what have I accomplished this weekend? Nothing. As usual. Cleaned up a bit I suppose, and given a lot of thought to my financials etc. Looks like I’m going to sell my main gaming PC, after I rip out the processor and graphics card of course. I don’t use my desktop(s) enough to warrant having two heavy duty machines, and I could really use the extra cash. That is to say, my savings account could really use the extra cash.

I’m not sure which direction work is taking me, or even if it’s worth it anymore. I’m not sure about a lot of things anymore….

In flew enza

Yeah I’m pretty sick. Spent $30 on drugs today at the chemist, I don’t think they’re working. Bought some Codral Cold & Flu, Neurofen Plus painkillers, and a bottle of heavy duty cough mixture. You know Codral has those daytime tablets and night time tablets? Yeah well you can buy just the night time ones by themselves now, so I got those because they seem to do more. Cough mixture tastes like shit, especially when you drink it from the bottle.

Well I made it in to work today at least, managed to get a fair bit done I think, all things considered. Not sure what’s on the cards tomorrow, probably more order processing and stock organising, as long as I don’t have to actually go anywhere, I should be alright. Time to go take some more drugs I think…

Deal or No Deal

I hate this show. The rule book must be bigger than the bible I swear, it makes practically no sense whatsoever. Do they really expect people who are watching TV at 5.30PM to understand this crap?

Well, I went to ivLAN on the weekend. It would have been great if I could have actually played the games that everyone else was playing. I’m seriously regretting not getting a Macbook Pro, it costs so much more but… hmm too late now I suppose. Next purchase is looking to be the Mac Pro (desktop), latest information is that it’ll include SMP dual core Xeons, that’s 4 cores with a total 8MB cache. It’s also going to be in a revamped brushed aluminium G5 enclosure. I’ll probably have to sell a kidney to afford one…

I seem to have come down with the flu again, my throat feels like a scratching post and I’ve been coughing up colours I didn’t even know existed. Yeah I didn’t go to work today, just too exhausted. Trudging around Newcastle in the rain all weekend probably didn’t help.


Another weekend flys past, it’s already Sunday night. I’m tired, all the time. I just can’t seem to get anything done anymore. Work should be interesting this week, as usual. Business has been quiet as I have mentioned previously but we’re expecting it to pick up any day now, it bloody well better anyway otherwise I’ll probably wind up packing shelves at the local supermarket.

I might be better packing shelves anyway, it’s probably less stressful work 🙂 But I’m not sure my lifestyle would take well to the lack of finance. On a brighter note, I haven’t had a single problem with the Macbook, yet. I did notice however that the battery doesn’t seem to hold as much charge (mAh) as the old one did, perhaps it just needs to be calibrated again.