Deal or No Deal

I hate this show. The rule book must be bigger than the bible I swear, it makes practically no sense whatsoever. Do they really expect people who are watching TV at 5.30PM to understand this crap?

Well, I went to ivLAN on the weekend. It would have been great if I could have actually played the games that everyone else was playing. I’m seriously regretting not getting a Macbook Pro, it costs so much more but… hmm too late now I suppose. Next purchase is looking to be the Mac Pro (desktop), latest information is that it’ll include SMP dual core Xeons, that’s 4 cores with a total 8MB cache. It’s also going to be in a revamped brushed aluminium G5 enclosure. I’ll probably have to sell a kidney to afford one…

I seem to have come down with the flu again, my throat feels like a scratching post and I’ve been coughing up colours I didn’t even know existed. Yeah I didn’t go to work today, just too exhausted. Trudging around Newcastle in the rain all weekend probably didn’t help.