Still Exhausted

Yep, it’s a Saturday. Still got no lock on the front door, had to use a block of Pepsi cans to keep it shut last night. Just had my usual from Maccas for lunch, and I’m regretting it too, as usual. Apparentely it’s going to rain, I see nothing but blue sky but BOM says otherwise.

I’m broke again too, of course. I keep putting off rebuilding my PC because I know I need to replace all the fans before putting it in to the new case. Maybe I should do something constructive with my time and clean the house, on the other hand I might just play something…

Week’s End

Another week over. It’s strange, it feels like the week has barely begun (public holiday and all) yet at the same time I’m completely exhausted.

Didn’t go to work yesterday, too much shit going on in my head, just fucking everything. So naturally today at work was chaos as I tried to play catch up with my Inbox. I think there just isn’t enough hours in the day anymore, I don’t think I got any real work done until about 3PM. To top the day off, the lock on the front door is completely fucked. I had to climb up a ladder and break in through the kitchen window to get inside this evening, it never ends. Thankfully the window just slid open, but the flyscreen and the lock on the front door need replacing now.

I thought the weekend was the time to relax?


So like I said, my grandfather on my mother’s side of the family passed away on Monday. The funeral is early next week but it’s interstate, obviously my family want me to go but… Well airfares, bus fares, food, accomodation, I just don’t think it’s possible right now. As silly as it sounds, the timing is terrible and I would have liked more notice, but I guess that’s the thing about death, it doesn’t really plan itself.

I never quite understood the point of funerals, I mean I don’t need to see the deceased in a casket to understand or appreciate the reality of the situation. I would prefer to remember my Pa the way I remember him now, alive. I’m not sure how to tell my family that I won’t be in attendance without offending them, I suppose that’s my biggest problem with this whole thing.


Yeah work was quiet today, as I expected. Still had plenty to do of course, although thankfully nothing crucial. Wound up finishing by about half-past 1. Went and had Sushi for lunch, cost me bloody $14 to get enough food to actually fill me up. Rice and fish, how nourishing can it be? No wonder the japs are so skinny 😛

Went to the RSL with the boss, played a few games of pool. Avoided the pokies. Looks like it’s gonna be a pretty quiet night tonight too. Don’t have anything planned, and don’t really feel like gaming. I’ll probably go to bed early. Oh well

Public Holiday

I wish it wasn’t a public holiday today. I would have liked to have gone to work and done something useful with the day. But I’m stuck at home, bored out of my brain. The cat keeps vomiting everywhere, my grandfather died, and I’m broke. It’s sorta cold and windy outside today, so I can’t even relax outside with a cool drink and a smoke.

Maybe I’ll just relax inside with a drink, followed by another drink. Followed by an impulse purchase of the BigBrother livecam stream from the website. I was thinking I could use VLC to stream it back out and then 24/7 BB would be free for everyone. Why you ask? Reason 1 and Reason 2.