Sunday Afternoon

The weather is nice today. I wish it stayed like this all year around. It’s warm in the sun, cool in the shade, there’s a nice breeze, and I can’t see any clouds at all. I’m just sitting outside on my laptop, wish it had a brighter screen coz it’s kinda hard to see with the glare. Had Maccas for lunch today, Double Quarter Pounder and a Chocolate Shake. They should just call it heart disease in a brown paper bag. Yum.

It seems like everyone remembered to take the day off work tomorrow, except me. I hate it when public holidays fall during the middle of the week. It’s probably a good thing I’m working, I need the money. My hip pocket is still recovering from last weekend’s blackjack adventure.


Cold Again

Almost midnight, not really tired. Think I’m gonna stay up and watch a movie. I’ve slept in til midday all weekend so that might have something to do with it. That and I think I’m still suffering from insomnia, had it since I was a kid. Mind is too busy ticking away thinking about to shit to sleep.

I expect work to be really quiet tomorrow, considering most people have probably taken the day off to have a 4-day weekend. That and it just seems like that time of the month, which is probably good I suppose. The last 3 weeks have been a nightmare! I’ve logged in to my work PC a few times over the weekend and it seems pretty quiet, so I think I’ll be right.

Still haven’t worked out what I’m going to do on Tuesday, don’t have anything planned anyway. Probably spend the day cleaning, or working when I shouldn’t be working :/ Such is life.

Up and Running

Excuse the quick and dirty template, took all of about 17 seconds in Adobe PhotoShop. I’ll be playing with some more designs later. I’ve discovered a huge flaw in this CMS that I’m trying to fix, I don’t think it’s public so I suppose it’s not a big problem.

Come back later 😛

New Template

Spent all afternoon messing around in Photoshop, chopping up templates in to little images and making lots of tables. Only to later discover that none of it was valid HTML. I’ve just spent the last half hour recoding my stylesheet so that this page would pass validation, and it does. But guess what, it still doesn’t fucking work in Internet Explorer!

Fuck Internet Explorer, this page works just fine in Firefox, Opera, and Safari, so to hell with it. If you’re looking for links, stop looking – there are none – aside from the back and forward navigation below this post. What’s that, not much a website you say? Fucking good, I hate maintaining shit, and having new content all the time, if you wanna download something, you can stroll through my files the old fashioned way, using the good old Apache generated file list. The same goes for images – don’t expect some fancy photo album with thumbnails 😛