One Week to go

So, we’re about to begin the last week of the Financial year. I’m not sure what to expect at work, I mean theorhetically we’ll be flat out but things have been pretty strange recently. Hopefully I’ll get my Macbook back some time mid week. Feels like I’m due for a holiday but I know that I won’t get one for a while 🙂

It’s so damn cold these past few weeks, and I think we’re getting some more rain too. Makes my trip to work a pain in the arse…


Yep, I’m really starting to miss the Macbook. Not because I dislike my old notebook, and not so much missing the Macbook itself – but rather OSX. I’ve come to realise that I’ve grown fond of it and, well, simply can’t stand using Windows anymore. It just shits me to tears

OSX is based on BSD, so it’s pretty much like every other posix variant, similar file system structure, and same basic OS fundamentals. Dropping to a bash terminal at the drop of a hat sure is addictive. It’s a shame that the hacked copy of OSX Tiger (x86) I have doesn’t have better driver support, otherwise I’d be loading it on every machine in the house. I suppose I can just replace all my PCs with Macs? 😀

Farewall Macbook

Okay so my Macbook is being collected via courier tomorrow to be returned to Apple. As soon as they have the unit, they’ll organise a replacement unit, which has to be built (bullshit), shipped from Singapore (bullshit) and finally dispatched to me early next week (unfortunately not bullshit). Fingers crossed I won’t have any problems with the new unit. I also hope they don’t forget to return my mini-DVI to DVI adaptor that was part of the BTO (Build to Order) spec on the original order.

So for the next week or so I’m back on my old laptop, yes, the Toshiba Satellite 4270. Well, the screen sure looks tall after looking at 16:9 for a fortnight, also I realise now just how how hot the Intel Core Duo’s are in comparison to a 4-year old Celeron processor…


OK so I guess I don’t have a fully functional machine. It’s kernel panicking, a lot. From what I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to, it’s looking like the Logic board is fucked. I’ve done just about every test imaginable and turned up nothing, it’s not the RAM, or the HDD, even did a fresh install of OSX, and it still crashes.

DOA from Apple’s online store is not a walk in the park, or so I’ve been told, thankfully their local authorised service centre happens to be in my building, and the staff are going to help me out. With a bit of luck I’ll have a shiny brand new Macbook sometime next week.

Seriously though what are the odds, Macs have always been far superior to PCs with regard to quality and crashes – and the first Mac I actually buy… is faulty. Somebody upstairs wants me to lead a life of misery with Microsoft by my side.

Mmmmm, mac

I enjoy using this, a lot more than I ever did using my previous notebook. It doesn’t whine or groan when I start up applications, that and it can actually run Counter-Strike properly.

Yes, I got Bootcamp setup and dual booting Windows XP, performance is about what I expected. There’s still a lot of essentials for OSX that aren’t quite ‘ready’ yet, there’s a lot of applications which are still designed for PowerPC Macintosh and hence must run under Rosetta (emulation layer) at the cost of performance. But for the most part I have a fully functional, effecient and rather elegant machine.

So it’s a long weekend, I don’t really have anything planned so I guess my butt is going to be glued to this couch for the next few days. Lucky I have a new toy to play with.