OK so I guess I don’t have a fully functional machine. It’s kernel panicking, a lot. From what I’ve read and people I’ve spoken to, it’s looking like the Logic board is fucked. I’ve done just about every test imaginable and turned up nothing, it’s not the RAM, or the HDD, even did a fresh install of OSX, and it still crashes.

DOA from Apple’s online store is not a walk in the park, or so I’ve been told, thankfully their local authorised service centre happens to be in my building, and the staff are going to help me out. With a bit of luck I’ll have a shiny brand new Macbook sometime next week.

Seriously though what are the odds, Macs have always been far superior to PCs with regard to quality and crashes – and the first Mac I actually buy… is faulty. Somebody upstairs wants me to lead a life of misery with Microsoft by my side.