As mentioned in my previous post, my shiny brand new Macbook arrives tomorrow. Being delivered to my office at work by StarTrack Express.
I’m wondering how much actual ‘work’ I’ll be able to get done tomorrow after it arrives.
I’ve spent a lot of the weekend looking in to and acquiring a lot of the software I’m gonna need to load up when I get it.
Also must remember to drop in to the Apple store and pick up a Neoprene glove (Wetsuit material) sleeve for it so I can put it in my backpack.

It’s gonna take me a while to get my savings account back up, but I think this will be a worthwhile investment, I hope so anyway…

Expected Delivery

So my Macbook is coming on Monday. Along with the accessories to go with it:

  • Apple Mightymouse

  • Apple USB Keyboard
  • Mini-DVI to DVI Adaptor
  • Mini-DVI to Video Adaptor (RCA)

I got it all at educational pricing, total AU $1750 including delivery. You might be wondering why I got the DVI adaptor when I only have CRT monitors – you can use a PC DVI-VGA adaptor (bundled with every new graphics card), so this way I get the best of both worlds without paying for two adaptors. I’ll also be getting a one year .Mac subscription, not for the e-mail address but for the 1GB iDisk storage. Also gotta organise some RAM at work next week, I can get 2x 1GB DDR2-667 SODIMMS for about $250. Looking forward to being able to dual boot Debian and XP…