Ballentine’s 12Yr

A grade above the regular Ballentine’s finest, which has always been one of my favorites. Not to be confused with Ballentine’s Blue, despite the coloured box and ribbon, this is a blended scotch much like the “Finest” as opposed to a single malt like the Blue is supposed to be.

Very similar in flavour, a little more refined than the regular stuff. You’d be hard pressed to pick the difference after the third or fourth glass though, which makes the premium price a little hard to justify. It’s not a bad scotch by any means, but I think I’ll stick with the regular stuff next time I feel like Ballentine’s scotch whiskey.

Cougar Bourbon

It’s so bad they have to give away flasks to get people to buy it. Sadly, it works. To be honest, it’s not that bad, the premix is foul though, avoid it like the plague.

Corsair seems to have fallen from grace, one of the 2GB DDR3 sticks (see previous post) failed within 72 hours. There was a time when a faulty stick of Corsair was akin to winning the lottery in terms of statistical odds, clearly that time is no more.

Windows 7 scores 4.4, thanks solely to the gaming graphics, otherwise it’s 5.6, curteousy of the Hard Drive, which is not bad for 5400rpm.