Footloose and 720p

I can’t sleep tonight, not sure why. I didn’t purposely sleep in too late as I knew I had work tomorrow (today). An Xbox 360 torrent I was downloading finally finished, and it actually worked. Shame the dual layer DVD+R discs are so expensive, it would also be nice if there was an easier way to flash the optical drive firmware to play burned discs. It was Rainbow Six Vegas, which looks stunning in 720p – my only gripe was the lack of physics and feet. What is it with all these flashy games overlooking such a simple thing as feet.

It’s not my 360, otherwise I’d probably be up playing right now. I thought about getting one a little while ago but decided it was still too expensive and I probably wouldn’t get enough use out of it. So I upgraded one of the hard disks in our server today, swapping out a 200GB for a 400GB IDE. Although with all the new stuff coming out recently I can’t see that free space pie graph staying purple for long. I think purple is the free space anyway, I’d check it but I’m on OSX. Speaking of which, another build of Leopard leaked a few days ago, I’m yet to see any new screenshots or lists of added features but I doubt we’ll see anything major until launch.

A friend of mine was keen to go to the Windows Vista launch tonight, why anyone would bother is still beyond me. I keep seeing all these stories on Digg about how hard Microsoft is pushing this launch, although I’m yet to see any evidence of that here yet. Naturally DELL is offering free upgrades and the usual marketing crap, but it’s not like I’ve seen television or print ads from Microsoft. I believe tomorrow will be the first day we’ll (work) be legally able to sell copies of Vista – I wonder if we’ll get any punters.

Microsoft seems to have made sure to look after the multi-nationals first, offering them all the stock and exclusitivity of the “Upgrade” versions, last time I looked we still could not purchase them wholesale – only the OEM full versions. Which I believe can only be installed fresh, not upgraded to. Anyway, I’m going to try and catch some sleep again – make sure to check out Steve Jobs’ prank call to Starbucks (check the Tech column on the right hand side).