Vista (again)

Not sure why I’m updating the site, I should be updating this version of WordPress if anything. Supposedly, the new version includes a lot of AJAX backend fixes and updates. Anyway. At work, we are receiving half a dozen copies of Windows Vista (yes, legitamate copies) – however we are under strict orders not to sell them until the 30th of January, for obvious reasons. I read on ZDNet the other day that several of Sydney’s Harvey Norman stores are doing midnight stores, apparently so is our local store – I can’t imagine why anyone would want to wait up all hours of the night at a computer retailer to get their hands on the latest Microsoft operating system.

We’re only receiving Home Premium, we’ll probably order in Vista Business next week. There’s no point bothering with Home Basic, even the major OEMs have admitted that it is basically useless, and is targeted more towards an upgrade for older systems, or a cheaper option for very very elementary systems. Our buy price is around $190 inc GST, and $270 for Vista Ultimate. I think I will continue to run my funny copy on our Home Theatre PC here.