Delayed new year post

Happy new year. It’s February. And Shit. Err, not much new. Possibly moving house soon. Still serving the local electronic slaughterhouse. Many, many hours per week. Now using an iBook G4, still waiting for new MacBook Pros.

Possibly going to be at the below mentioned event for the lulz. Bring /b/lackup if you’re coming.

I have a car, and nowhere to go. My computer still sucks, I’m now servicing PCs faster than mine, except for that P166 today running XP, hilarity ensues. ADSL2 at the local DSLAM here fails epically, I think our phone line routes via Venezuela before reaching the exchange. I’m currently playing – nothing. I’m currently listening to – shit that everyone else discovered 6 weeks ago. At this rate I’ll be hoping for a new walking cane by Christmas.

Calling all /b/ogans