So I’ve ordered the Macbook. Yeah I know I said I wasn’t interested but I guess I changed my mind. Went and played with one some more in the Apple store, it’s certainly thin enough – but I guess I’ll just have to get used to the wide screen.

Apparentely the Intel GMA950 isn’t that bad either, for onboard anyway. It gives similar performance to a GeForce 4 Ti4200, which as I recall was able to play Half-Life 2 on Low Detail. Managed to get the Apple keyboard and mightymouse to go with it, and all the adaptors so I can hook it up to an external display / television.

Last night we set up Debian on the Leechbox (Dual Xeon 450), I’m using Lynx right now, also got TorrentFlux working after some mucking about…


I want a Mac. Not any Mac, a twelve inch PowerPC. After playing around with the new 13″ Macbook (Intel) for half an hour, I knew it wasn’t for me. Too bulky, odd shape, poor battery and Intel GMA graphics.

So, that leaves me with the 12″ iBook, and the 12″ Powerbook. Available in various configurations, I need at least 1.2GHz with 512MB. Powerbooks have a 5-hour battery, iBooks have a 6. Powerbooks usually feature 60GB and a Superdrive, iBooks start with around 40GB and a Combo. They’re identical in size, but the Powerbook weighs slightly more – and I always liked the piano white of the iBook better. Decisions, decisions, decisions.