No Work

I didn’t go to work today. I was just too tired, I got very little sleep last night and, well, I’m getting fed up with my job. Not seriously considering leaving or anything, but I do need a break.

Spent most of the day cleaning and doing washing, I logged in to my work PC a few times throughout the day to check what was happening and everything seemed pretty quiet, I don’t think I missed much anyway.

I’ve got the Macbook pretty much setup, all my applicatioons and stuff installed. The extra 1GB RAM really makes a difference, in OSX anyway, I don’t really use Windows often enough to notice the difference. I have to setup a few more games and apps on Windows, particularily before I head off to ivLAN (weekend after this one). Looks like I’m only going to know like one person there, oh well.

Mac’s Back

Yep, I got the Macbook back. Arrived yesterday afternoon, took ages to charge the thing up. It’s a brand new unit alright, this is one from week 23’s batch instead of week 20, hopefully it won’t have any problems. I’m really curious as to whether this model has the new palm rest or whether I’m going to be returning it another 3 weeks from now (see here).

Naturally I’ve had to re-install all my apps, twice over if you include Windows and games. But the desktop is starting to resemble me again (see here). Oh yeah, I’ve also chucked another 1GB in, so it’s has 1.25GB total at the moment, yeah I know odd numbers, dual channel etc. It should have 2GB by the end of next week. I’m still yet to get a hold of a case for the thing either, local AppleStore says the Neoprene sleeves are due in next week, apparentely. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.


So I’m getting my Macbook back today, apparentely. I’m just waiting on the delivery from the courier now. Work is still very quiet, despite being the beginning of a new financial year. Last week was pretty boring, and I didn’t get up to much over the weekend either. Downloaded the new Outrun (by SEGA) on Thursday night, what a waste of 900MB.

Anyway so it’s Monday, and I’m at work, gotta build a server this afternoon that has to be in Canberra by 2PM tomorrow, gonna cost an arm and a leg in freight – lucky we’re not paying it. I’m looking forward to attending ivLAN – haven’t been to one in years, should be interesting. I’m only taking my Macbook, not my desktops. I wonder if I’ll be the only person gaming on an Apple notebook?