In bed with Mac

Yeah I’m sitting in my bed, with the Mac. Wireless is one of the best inventions since buttered bread. I’m still not over the flu, I think my meds are starting to wear off. I should probably spend a few days rugged up and try to get some rest, but it’s so boring.

So tomorrow is Sunday, what have I accomplished this weekend? Nothing. As usual. Cleaned up a bit I suppose, and given a lot of thought to my financials etc. Looks like I’m going to sell my main gaming PC, after I rip out the processor and graphics card of course. I don’t use my desktop(s) enough to warrant having two heavy duty machines, and I could really use the extra cash. That is to say, my savings account could really use the extra cash.

I’m not sure which direction work is taking me, or even if it’s worth it anymore. I’m not sure about a lot of things anymore….