A day late, a dollar short? I was looking in to mining about the time these units were available to order, unfortunately Butterfly Labs have Google AdWords and most blogs/forums in a tizz – despite the company failing to deliver a single product after more than 8 months. Had I stumbled across Avalon at that time I probably would’ve thought their pricing was unfavorable (comparatively speaking). Alas the facts today are as follows

  • Avalon are shipping
  • No really, it’s a real product, people have received them
  • At that price, the box will pay for itself in just 2 days of operation, less if the insane value of Bitcoin continues rising
  • Their third batch was quite appropriately priced according to 30 days mining (at current difficulty)

Unfortunately, that appropriate pricing equated to over $10,000 – and they still sold out of pre-orders in just 30 minutes. When and if there’s a fourth batch, we can expect pricing well over $20,000, which is just too much of a gamble now with the difficulty rating expected to skyrocket, not to mention the potential collapse of the exchange rate.

A lucky few are getting very rich right now, just as long as they remember to cash out…

iOS 6

Well with the release (finally) of the evasi0n untethered jailbreak it was high time I upgraded. Most of my tweaks and apps have been updated, but Apple’s built in Weather app is broken thanks to AppSync. A small price to pay.


After some re-arranging and app downloads (YouTube & Maps) I have my home screen now looking and working like it used to, I just wish SBSettings could turn off Newsstand like it did Passbook and Compass.

A little while ago my push notifications app just stopped working, so I’ve just replaced Apple’s outright with Sparrow (and Sparrow+). Finally I can attach photos when replying to an e-mail. It’s quite strange that Apple still haven’t addressed this ability yet, seems like quite an archaic design oversight (because Apple don’t consider it a bug).

I haven’t encountered any memory problems yet, which is unusual for Apple as historically, by the second major iOS revision your device is usually (near enough) bricked, just look at the iPad 1 or iPhone 3G – completely unusable if updated to the latest firmware offered. We’ll see what happens after 96 hours of uptime… – Screenshot

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 7.45.05 PM

Covers most of the important categories, site could use a little work, a new stylesheet wouldn’t hurt either – but this is the most complete that I’ve found and well worth the $12 donation. Screenshot provided for posterity. 🙂 Go and register now in case they close sign-ups altogether.