iTunes 7.1.2 DRM cracked

This utility will scrub DRM from YOUR music files and make a backup copy of the originals for safe keeping. Great for iPod owners who now have another brand of music player – iTunes will convert your AAC files to MP3 when you’re ready to run away from Apple. I’m sure this story will be buried by DMCA lovers.

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Real Poker Chips

Pretty boring weekend, didn’t bother trying to fix the Leechbox again. It’s in the too-hard basket for now 😛 Had two friends recently come out of long term relationships, which made for an interesting Saturday night. I now have some real poker chips so I don’t have to play with coins anymore.

Didn’t do a lot today, other than driving. Still managed to stall it once during the hour. Man it gets cold early now, I need to go clothes shopping – I have a closet full of t-shirts and only one jumper. Doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much work this week as the shop is closed for stock-take, that’s going to seriously impact my wage.

I’ve added some more header images from StuckInCustoms, that guy really does magic with HDR photography. I downloaded a copy of Photomatix the other day just to see how it all works, not that the SONY point-and-shoot is really up to the task of taking high quality shots in different exposures. You can adjust the exposure but it’s quite rudimentary and the lack of tripod makes getting multiple identical shots extremely difficult. The camera also cannot shoot in RAW mode, so that’s out as well. If anyone has a good DSLR and a tripod, next time you’re shooting something, do me a favor and take three shots (one in -2, one in 0 and one in +2) and send them to me to play with.

System Ep7 – AppleTV

Patrick Norton and Dave Randolph take you through some of the more popular hacks and mods out there for the AppleTV. They have sorted out all the articles out there and have come up with a complete step by step procedure to help you get your AppleTV up and running with a larger drive, SSH, Xvid and a RSS reader.

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Worst. Test Question. Ever.

My fourth-grade daughter is taking a series of standardized tests in school this week, called the ERB tests. Her teachers handed out a practice test last week, and when I was going over it, I came across a question in the math section that I think has several possible correct answers…

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