Upgrade has been disabled

Still no Macbook, I was going to call the Apple Center but they were closed by the time I got home from work. I’ve been using the iBook here for the past few days but it’s not quite the same. At least it’s not running Windows. I’ve had just about enough of Vista, I discovered today that the Upgrade versions have a few sneaky additions. The Home Premium Upgrade can only be installed from XP Home Edition, or Vista Home Basic. If you have XP Professional, you must upgrade to Vista Business or Ultimate, which carries a very hefty price tag. I’ve also learned that the multi-nationals are selling the Academic versions of Vista to anyone who asks, without the need to provide identification. I fail to see how these companies get away with this, but when a smaller reseller gets caught they are flogged.

It has also become apprent that driver support is still sketchy, Creative are refusing to provide support for anything below the Audigy 2, and nVIDIA is still forcing users to upgrade to GeForce 6 cards, despite lower models working just fine, as evidenced by my own Home Theatre PC.

I built five PC systems today, my fingers and my legs (from standing) are killing me. It would seem that Vista Business runs quite happily on 512MB RAM, probably due the lack of the Aero 3D interface, which I have learned is quite a resource hog. iTunes still does not work correctly, despite Apple releasing a ‘patch’ that allows playback of protected content. Which is all very good assuming you can get the application installed in the first place. I wish I wasn’t working for a PC store.