Google partners with GoDaddy and Enom

Have you wanted to sign up for Google Apps for Your Domain (GAFYD), but didn’t have a domain to use it with? Now you can register one through the service with GoDaddy or eNom as the registrar. This actually surprised me since Google is already registered as an official domain registrar — parnering seems a bit confusing to me.

Anyway, When you sign up and register a domain through GAFYD, all the dirty work like setting up your CNAME and MX records is done for you — something that can be confusing for people not familiar with domain name servers.


After much fucking around, I finally managed to port over all of my posts from Rojax (previous cms) into WordPress. Initially I was hoping to simply import the tables (after modifying the column names) into the new database, unfortunately with WordPress – this is not as simple as it sounds. After screwing around in Excel with CSVs and so on, and even trying to structure raw queries to input the data, I finally gave up. Looking through the import options for WP, I noticed that it can import RSS feeds as posts. I thought I was home and hosed until I realised my old RSS feed didn’t output post content, just titles and links. So I had to rewrite my RSS generator to include a new query to grab the post content, and the post date, and then had to look up the specs sheet for RSS 2.0 to get the correct syntax for output.

After all that screwing around, I finally managed to import the entries into WP, you can find them under the category ‘Old site’ – unfortunately it was not possible to import comments using the method I used, not that there was much that was useful or insightful in the comments anyway 😛 I was expecting the big task to be designing a new template for this, and I was looking forward to putting my effort in to that, however I really can’t be arsed at this point. So you’re all going to be looking at Kubrick for the next few days until I get some time again to sit down and develop a new template. If you can think of anything I need to enable or disable, or whatever, let me know.