Land Ahoy

Sinking ship anyone? Yeah I didn’t go to work today, I don’t think there’s a work to go to anymore. Probably should be writing up my resume right about now. Some pretty important decisions need to be made over the coming few days. Not sure how I’m going to pay rent this week, I think my savings account is about to dwindle. I really shouldn’t have bought this (Macbook).

I’m considering going back to TAFE, doing a business course so I can learn how to run a company, and then starting from scratch. I have a few ideas, how successful they might be only time will tell. On the other hand, I could go get a job working for some gook, assembling shitbox computers and removing spyware. I suppose I could get a job quite easily, but that’s not really what I want to do, and I know I’d end up working for peanuts….


It’s Sunday afternoon again. Where does the time go. Work was extremely quiet last week, only went in 2/5 days ’cause there wasn’t enough to do. Friday night went to the movies and saw Miami Vice, which was suprisingly good – likely because it has nothing to do with that 70s TV show of the same name.

Spent Saturday shopping and putting car audio systems in. Mitsubishi suck balls for the record. I was once again reminded of two things that could have made my job much easier, which I really should invest in. 1) A multimeter, 2) Soldering iron. As I mentioned above, work is thin at the moment, and so is my wallet. I have a headache again this afternoon, body is probably trying to tell me to begin consuming alcohol, that sounds like a good idea.

Novelty wears off

I was about to continue working on Rojax but I can’t be bothered tonight, it’ll probably stay like this for a few weeks until I muster up enough energy to continue. Been reading a whole stack of AJAX tutorials and discovered that I probably don’t know enough JavaScript to make this work 🙂 I can fumble my way through PHP and SQL but JS is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

I didn’t go in to work today, after speaking with my boss on Friday we agreed there wasn’t much point. Tomorrow we’ll re-asses the situation with the business and decide which direction we want to go in. It’s certainly going to be an interesting couple of weeks at any rate. Who knows, maybe I’ll be unemployed very soon.


Comments have been added, once again largely thanks to the original CMS’ developer. All eight lines of code were added to the main Rojax engine. Also had a friend help me out with some strip tags to prevent people posting HTML in their comments. By the way, I have no intention of adding any kind of user / login system so get used to typing your name everytime you want to make a post.

Just realised with all these extra SQL tables I’m going to have modify a large chunk of the install script, it needs rewriting anwyay. Thankfully I have no intentions of releasing Rojax for quite a while yet, still have a lot of bugs to iron out first. Really need to find a way to tell AJAX to call a post from an ID given by address bar. Any JavaScript experts about ?