Soo hot, want to touch the Heinie

What’s that, it’s Spring? Really? Feels like Summer, or at least it has for the past three days. Temperatures soaring above 30 deg and we’re not even through September yet. Basically spent the whole day sitting outside, drinking ice water and bitching about the heat. Late afternoon all we could smell was smoke, I think fire season started early – probably all deliberately lit too which is the sad part.

So the new HTPC is still kicking along nicely, now powered by AMD Semp0rn(TM). Still wish we had the remote so we could change channels etc. Also, my server / gamer whatever (as it is my only PC now) is still without LAN, I really need to get a switch or something, I can’t even game on it at the moment. I haven’t even been bothered to plug in the hard drive (74GB Raptor) from my gamer in to it yet, which I need to do so I can transfer my save-games and my steam cache files.

I’m basically out of money again, but I’ve had a decent weekend so I can’t complain. I’m still waiting on payment for that website job I was doing, I’ve got 99% of it out of the way now, just need to use Photoshop to resize a few images and upload them. And of course Tuesday I’m off to work at the local electronic slaughterhouse, I still haven’t worked out how that place turns a dime. Either way I need the cash, especially since Ruxcon is on this weekend…