Sub Zero

So I’m pretty sure my bank account is now in minus figures. I’ve got some money owing from a web design job that I’m doing that I’m not even sure when or how much I’m supposed to be paid. I also managed to pick up some work locally, but that hasn’t paid yet either, and I’m not even sure if I’m going to be asked back.

Finally got some news about my Logitech keyboard and mouse I sent off almost a month ago. The reseller is claming that it’s outside the 12-month warranty period, yet on the box it clearly states 5 years, Logitech Australia also confirmed this to me and said it was still the reseller’s responsibility to honour the warranty within that period. I understand the reseller is only compelled to provide a statutory 12 month warranty on new products, generally extended manufacturer’s warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer, but Logitech Australia do not deal with returned products from end users. Hillarity ensues.

It looks like social security aren’t going to be any help, they want information that I cannot provide and their attitude is basically ‘too bad’. So, that leaves me with selling my stuff on eBay. At least there’s finally a decent digital camera here so that I may start taking photos of stuff to sell. Oh right, I also no longer have a gamer PC, the EE processor and 6800 have been transported to my server. Upgraded the HTPC as well, it now has a digital tuner and runs MCE, which was a real pain in the arse to set up. I couldn’t believe how much dust I pulled out of the machines in this house…