Sell your Soul

Just realised I forgot to update this again. Not a whole lot has happened. Late last week had some friends stay here, had a BBQ and a few drinks, it was good fun. I listed a whole lot of stuff I didn’t need on eBay as well, was quite suprised with some of the results. Still got a few more things laying around the house that I need to get rid of, if you’re interested – you know how to contact me.

That reminds me, I need to plug in my Raptor and pull the data off it before I sell it, it’s really only my save games and Steam cache files, everything else was always on my server. I’m still doing a bit of work for the local electronic slaughterhouse, although it’s starting to look like that may quickly run out, my search for employment is not going well. At least I have some income at the moment from the eBay stuff and other odd jobs, but it’s hardly enough to live off, comfortably at any rate.

Made the mistake of hooking up a mate’s Xbox 360 to the MCE box last weekend, I still haven’t got the thing working properly since, it’s looking like I’m going to have format it, especially since it got infested with that Genuine Notification shit. I wonder if AdAware classifies that as malware yet, I sure do. On the bright side, got to play TDU on 360 today, and it’s quite a bit of fun, I need something to keep me entertained until the next NFS comes out anyway…