Need to get organised. I still haven’t had a chance to dig up my resume and update it. After reading a few articles on the net, I’m wondering whether I should scrap it and start again. I know not to go over two pages, and having been in the employer’s position I know not to print it on coloured paper. I’m not sure whether I should just randomly e-mail it out, or drop in to potential employers in person. That’s how I picked up my last job.

Need to get in touch with some of my suppliers, see if they have any work going or know if any of their other resellers need staff. In the mean time, my previous boss and I are listing a whole bunch of stuff on eBay to raise some cash. Got to pay the rent one way or another, perhaps with my time off tomorrow I should go through the garage here looking for stuff to sell. We recently acquired a new ADSL Modem / Router here so I can sell the previous ones for a start, just need to locate the packaging.

That reminds me, I recently sent off my Logitech diNovo Media Desktop for warranty, with a bit of luck I’ll get it repaired or replaced, it’s kind of depressing knowing that you spent four hundred dollars on something that no longer works…