Risk Assessment

So what’s the going rate for bank robbery these days? 4 years vacaction footed by the tax payers? Just a passing thought 🙂 I mean if you’re going to rob something you may as well make it worthwhile, the charge is the same whether you steal $500 from a gas station or a few hundred thousand from a bank.

Yeah I’m just considering options for raising money. I need to organise a council pick-up or a skip bin or something, so that I may sort through the piles of crap in the garage, and assess what is worth selling (eBay) and what needs to be thrown away. Unfortunately I think most of it is just trash, and whatever is worth selling probably isn’t worth much.

I’m going to try and get my resume in order this weekend, as soon as I find it :-/ I don’t particularily feel like starting from scratch, hell I’m not even sure I can remember what was on the previous one. I guess I’ll just starting handing it out and e-mail spamming it to everyone and anyone. I’d be happy with just a ‘job’ at this stage, even if it means packing shelves at the local supermarket…