Plastic covers

Just realised I haven’t updated this in some time. I’ve had the Macbook back for well over a week now. The top case was replaced, and the new battery seems to be working fine. I’m yet to pull off the plastic cover over the palm rest of the Macbook, I probably should before I wind up with a big colour difference, kind of like when you move the couch and realise how dirty the floor around it is.

I’m still debating whether or not I should sell it and try and get a Macbook Pro, they can be had quite cheaply on eBay if you don’t mind the older Core Duo. On the other hand, I really want to put some cash towards a new TV, I’m getting tired of watching everything on this 19″ Widescreen LCD, although it is still larger than our old TV.

I’m currently forcing myself to sit through Star Trek: Enterprise. I never got around to watching the whole show, only the first and last episodes. If you consider it a standalone sci-fi show, it’s actually really good. However when it has to live up to the Star Trek name, it’s extremely poor.

I’m replaying through Need For Speed Carbon, this time on the Xbox 360. Graphically, it’s on par with the PC version, looking better in some areas, and not so good in others. Gone are the days when consoles just ‘ran’ games at a set speed, with a constant resolution and frame rate. Even the 360 slows to crawl when trying to load some cars. Probably more optimization related than anything, seeing as the tri-core PPC processor is no slouch. If I could pick up a 360 cheap enough, I probably would honestly consider purchasing one if for nothing else than the range of game titles available.