I hate funerals, I’m not really sure why. My ex-boss / business partner passed away yesterday. I found out this morning on my way to work. He’s had on going heart problems for a long time now, although it was ultimately a brain hemerage that took his life. I’m not really to sure on the finer details, other than he was admitted to hospital sometime on Monday night, and that there were complications during surgery. He officially died at around 3.00PM, Tuesday 21st October.

I have to travel down on Monday to attend the funeral, I have the rough details in my e-mail inbox. I’m not sure whether I should make an epitaph speech at the funeral or not, I don’t even know what I should say or if I’ll have the opportunity. It’s weird to think that the person you saw 5/7 days a week for the past 2 years just suddenly isn’t there anymore. I really wish I hadn’t kept putting off going down to catch up with him, you always think there’ll be plenty of time. This has been a tough past few months for me, and everything looks pretty hazy at the moment. We’re all at the mercy of father time.